We make plants happy.

Welcome to the home of Soil Biology. Our products provide everything your plant will need to thrive. Building health into your plant is made super easy using our microbial, soil dwelling companions. Healthy plant life is all about building a thriving ecosystem in the soil. We've cracked the soil code and are making soil great again. Plants thrive, the world breathes, we all benefit.

Our products

These natural products will regenerate your soil and promote radical plant growth.

Tree Planting Kit
Coming soon! Don't leave the fate of your tree chance. Soil is everything when it comes to planting trees. Everything you need in 1 kit to establish trees and shrubs. Microbes galore, plus food for microbes, plus foliar feed to get your tree photosynthesising. Makes a perfect gift (to yourself and others).
Super Compost Extract 10L
Vibrant plant health overnight.
Super Compost
Compost with a punch! 
Liquid Foliar Feed 2,5L
Photosynthesis booster!
Microbial Bio Stimulant 2,5L
Kickstart your Soil Food Web!
Mycorrhizal Spores
Long lasting root care.
Nutrient Support Mix
Kickstart your soil into action!
Plant Kit
Home growing made easy. Coming soon!
Seed Rub
Inoculate your seeds with a soil probiotic!
Super Compost Extract 2.5L
Vibrant plant health overnight.
Microbial Food
Get those microbes going!