How to plant a tree:


Determine size of pit:

Dig a round pit to the depth of the trees root system and 2 x the width (use a peg and a round piece of string if necessary). Keep soil material close by and to hand (wheel barrows are handy for such purposes).


Loosen up soil around the edges and bottom of pit.


Measure pit diameter and depth in relation to the root system of the tree (the tree should be sitting slightly above the surrounding environment).


Inoculate pit with Super Compost:

Begin by sprinkling a small handful of Super Compost with foods in the bottom of the pit. Ensure all parts of the pit have a fine sprinkling of Super Compost


Placement of tree in pit

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Gently place root system of tree in the pit and fill gently with existing material (for heavy clay soils, a soil conditioner such as old cow manure/compost may be necessary).


Whilst ensuring the tree maintains and upright position, begin by filling the pit with material removed from the pit sprinkling super compost in and around the root system of the tree (the biology needs to make contact with the roots of the tree).


When refilling the pit, ensure not to compact the soil, or squeeze the air out of the soil. Ideally, the environment surrounding the root environment should resemble a fine crumb structure.


Application of Mulch and staking

When the roots of the tree are covered, and the tree is looking comfortable add the Living Mulch (enough to cover the excavated soil area), being careful not have contact between stem and mulch.


Stake as necessary.


Activation of Soil Biology

Slowly pour on Microbial stimulant around the root system of the plant. Don’t add all at once, but apply over a 2-3 day period.

Application of Foliar Feed


Using your hand pump, apply foliar feed directly to leaf surface once tree has come into leaf. Apply every 24 hr photoperiod (early morning/late morning). Avoid applications during intense sunlight exposure.



In order to ensure optimal conditions for Soil Biology and Plant alike, the soil environment must never completely dry out. If possible, during growing season, ensure the soil environment remains moist (not wet).