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We are self confessed soil nerds, looking to make a big impact on your plant life. By working with us, we guarantee to build life back into your growing system.
We offer a whole toolkit of techniques in order to investigate soil health and we've found that by studying the whole system, you can get a much better idea of what's actually going on.
We currently offer our nerdy expertise within the following domains.

Leaf Sap Analysis

Leaf sap analysis can provide a quick and detailed diagnosis of nutritional imbalances. The analysis focuses on the mineral levels within the plant and is able to highlight any nutritional imbalances (both deficiencies and excesses). This tool allows you an insight into nutrient mobility and provides information on the exact amounts of required nutrients before it shows up in the plant.

Soil Chemical Analysis

Within the soil there's a broad spectrum of nutrients that are potentially available to plants and a soil chemical analysis provides an overview of these values. Combined with a leaf sap analysis and a microbiological assay, you can start to build a picture of what nutrients are present within the soil and how they're being utilised by the plant.

EPI Fluorescence microscopy

EPI fluorescence microscopy provides a detailed glimpse of soil microbes at a cellular level. This technique is perfect for looking at the colonisation of mycorrhizal fungi, which is a sign of healthy soil, and healthy plants. Used specifically in the tree industry, EPI Fluorescence microscopy helps us know whether we need to add more mycorrhizal fungi to the soil.

Microbiological Soil Biomass Assay

Microscopes allow us to glimpse into the magical sub-ground world of soil microbiology and effectively assess soil health on a biological level. microbiological soil assay can find out just how diverse the soil food web is, analyse the quality of your soil and detect diseases before they become an issue.

Online/Virtual Soil Life Consultancy

Whether you run an urban garden or a large-scale operation, we can offer a specialised soil plan to help you to build life back into your growing system. We'll be your very own virtual soil doctor with our online soil life consultancy - perfect for clients on the other-side of the globe!

On site Soil Life Consultancy

With years of experience in the field, sometimes it's best to meet the site in person to get a good feel of what's going on down below. Paired with the online soil life consultancy, we'll guide you through the process of bringing your site back to life.

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